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Landscaping Wilmington DE

We provide landscaping services, property maintenace and grounds care.  We are able to provide the services to keep your property to your requirements.

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Delaware landscapers doing year round garden and landscaping including tree trimming, stump removal, all types of planting. Stone and paver work, fence installation and repair.

Landscaping Wilmington De Landscapers

We do core aeration, over seeding, lawn fertilization. Having a lawn event? Let us treat the lawn area to keep insects at bay for your party or event. Tell us what you would like done and we will try to provide you with the service as soon as weather and scheduling permits. Call to schedule a service 302 442 7327

Speaking of, the University of Delaware, cooperative Extension at provides tips and recommendations for lawn and landscape information.

 Landscaping Wilmington De  Mulch

Mulch is available in varying quality, quanities and colors.  We also have pine needle mulch installation. We will apply pre - emergent to keep the mulched landscape beds virtually weed free.

Landscaping Wilmington De -  Scheduled Maintenance

 Scheduled property visits for general litter, leaf, stick, weeding or what work you would like scheduled around your property. Property line vegetation spraying, fence line spraying. Tick control, grub control. Go no chemical or little chemicals. Organic compost for gardens and landscape beds is also available depending when a batch of compost finnishes and stock pile available. Schedule garden tasks. Have a vegetable or flower garden scheduled so the washed vegetables or cut flowers are chore free? 

Tree Removal Wilmington De

Have a tree fall or want it removed, we do tree removal in Wilmington De and around the area. We can clean up after a tree is removed by raking out any wood pieces then top dress the area with a compost - topsoil mix and over seed with a tri blend tall type fescue. Call 302 442 7327



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